A trilingual team in France:

Based in the heart of the Old Lyon, together with the SOCNO ALZEA team who is working on Outgoing Mobility (French students going abroad for their internship)

  • Sandrine BILLAUD - Program Manager
  • Ludivine RABANY - Managers Assistant

An International team:

The local correspondents are in contact with schools ; they pre-select and accompagny the students in the first steps for their internship in France.

  • Laura MINERDO - Correspondent based in Buenos Aires - in charge of Argentina, Brazil, Chili and Uruguay
  • Cecilia CORTES - Correspondent in Bolivia
  • ALAN BARTA - Correspondent in Mexico
  • Priyanka AGRAWAL - Correspondent in India
  • Gonzalo MOYA - Correspondent in Asia
  • Stela YOON - Correspondent in South Korea