What is an internship?

Definition (Source : LegiFrance): An internship is a temporary period of practice in a profesionnal environnment. The student acquires professional skills and implements the achievements of his training, to obtain a degree or certification. The trainee is given a mission or missions corresponding to the educational project defined by the educational institution and approved by the host organization. What are your responsibilities and commitments as a host institution?

To receive an intern means :

  • Take the time to introduce the student to the team, the place and explain the intern rules
  • To train the intern to the French customs and behaviors in your field
  • To respect the internship agreement
  • To respect the schedule mentioned on the page 3 of the internship agreement
  • Not to forget that the intern is still under training
  • Not to consider him as an employee with the corresponding expectations
  • To listen carefully and answer the questions of the intern
  • To regularly meet him for updates