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  • To regularize your situation with the OFII

Your intern - long stay – visa is only valid with the stamp of the OFII (French Office for Immigration and Integration).

Upon your arrival to France, follow the following procedures:

  • Within the first days of your arrival and up to a maximum period of three month: send to the OFII of your department the " Demande d’attestation OFII " (document delivered by the Embassy of France) and photocopies of your passport with your identity , your visa and the stamp of the customs authorities with the date of your entry into the Schengen Area.
  • You will then receive an OFII certificate confirming the receipt of your application (« Attestation de réception du formulaire de demande d’attestation OFII »)

You have to keep this document as a proof of your legal stay in France until your visa is validated by the OFII.

  • You will then receive a letter inviting you to a medical and administrative visit to the OFII."

You will need to buy a stamp (€ 60 - 2017 rate) and pay for your transportation costs to get to the corresponding OFII offices.

IMPORTANT ! This procedure is compulsory so you do not find yourself in an illegal situation in France.

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