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Renata, brasilian intern in Chamonix, August 2017

It's almost the end of my internship as I just have one month left. I can say that it was an incredible experience. I met new people, learnt a new language, lived a new culture. I could travel to new places ! It's fantastic.
I am an intern in sweet making in Chamonix and I would have never imagined to learn that much. All my expectatinos were met and surpassed. Everyone was so nice to me and i constantly learn something ! I think I am very luckynto work with the Chef of Sweet making ! He is great !
At the beginning, I worrried a lot but everything went fine thanks to the support of ALZEA.
The adaptation is part of the experience. Now a day, I understand much better and can communicate well. 
I recommend this experience to everyone ! It's incredible and enriching !

I have not even left that I already miss it !

Haby Ba, first intern from Senegal in Roissy, August 2017


It was a dream to come to France and it came true thanks to the professionalism of ALZEA. 
Despite my previous professional experience, I realized that in a kitchen, you learn every day. I discovered, touched, smelled new products on a daily basis, I got to discovered new way of working and new techniques HACCP. I adaped very quickly to my tasks and I got some responsabilities after a few weeks of work. 
France is a beautiful country and Paris is a dream city. I visited the great touristic places of the city and I encourage everyone to immerse in its gastronomy and to visit the city.  

Thank you everyone.

María Jose, mexican intern in Roanne, august 2017

Hello ! I will talk about my experience with pleasure !

Everything went well. This experience is unique and I learn a lot from the french culture every day. the hotel has not a lot of workers but tey are all very nice to me and the working atmosphere is great ! I have a hard time with the language but they speak slowly so I can undersand what they say. I share my accomodation with two other intrens, an argentinian and a brasilian. It has been incredible to learn from their cultures and to share mine.  I really enjoyed to share my culture with the clients as they were always asking me where I come from. They also tell me that I'm doing great with french so I get motivated.

Karol, intern from Argentina in Bourgogne, August 2017

Here we go. It's been 3 months since I've arrived here in the cradle of gastronomy, with a lot of dreams and expectations. It was not easy for me due to the speed at which people talk. French is a complicated language to understand. Well, it depends on where you are but where I am, people speak fast with a specific accent. It was very difficult to adapt, I lived bad and good moments. At first it took me a lot of energy, but now, I can tell you I am the happy like never before, thanks to the constant support of my working team.

A wonderful experience and unique moments. I met very nice people and work with a Chef in pastry who's so nice and who have an infinite patience, teaching skills and a vocation. I am very happy to be here for those reasons. The respect people have for each other and the way they treat us is great.

The Chef in kitchen is a bit more struck but, his way to work with harmony makes it perfect. It's going to be very difficult at the end of the internship to leave as I do not want to leave this place. But as everything in life, good things has got an end and I will continue my carreer. I'll be going full of recognition for this opportunity that I am living.

Before I forget, one of the things that I apriciate the most here is the life around. A few days ago, I lived an experience I will never forget. I crossed the way of a deer family. This is something I am not used to living so I wanted to share this with you. To all of you who like this kind of encounter, I invite you to come and live this experience.

Phelipe, Brasilian intern in Loire, August 2017


This internship is a unique occasion for me to learn a lot in a professional and personal way. I discover a very different culture, a new way of life and new places. This led me to a great openmindness thanks to which I get to see things from a new point of view.
The major difficulty is the communication. Eventhough I had taken French classes before coming, it is not the same thing, the prononciation is very different. Sometimes I still have hard times to understand and to express myself. 
On the week-ends, I usually go to the lake nearby and we make a barbecue. We hang out with other interns and discover new places. I currently live with an Argentinian, a Mexican and two French people.